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AMS-IX, DE-CIX and LINX develop a universal IX-API




September 17, 2019

During the 14th European Peering Forum (EPF) which is taking place at Tallinn, Estonia, AMS-IX, DE-CIX and LINX, anounced the development of the Internet Exchange Application Programming Interface (IX-API), a common technical communication protocol enabling communication between various software applications.

Simplifying your IXP services

Established in 2019, the Internet Exchange Application Programming Interface (IX-API) is a common technical communication protocol enabling communication between various software applications.

AMS-IX (Amsterdam), DE-CIX (Frankfurt) and LINX (London), the world’s leading Internet Exchange operators, joined forces to provision and configure interconnection services.

Market developments, our partners and our customers drive us to keep on innovating and push the limit. The IX-API is a response to the market to develop and sets a new technical standard for a unified connection process. The standardization will provide customers and partners with a common interface for provisioning key services at multiple exchanges, by creating a simpler platform for customers and offering an easier way to connect.

IX-API improves productivity for our members, customers and partners alike. It allows users to self-manage their existing and new interconnection services, such as peering, more effectively.


“At AMS-IX, we are very proud that the three largest exchanges join forces, collaborate and have reached consensus to deliver the common IX-API project. In a very competitive market, we have found a common ambition and drive for the greater good of the internet.”
- Henk Steenman, Chief Technology Officer, AMS-IX

“DE-CIX ambition has always been to make customers life easier and connect them anywhere needed on the planet. Therefore, we are pleased to have come together with our partners to create this IX-API from scratch. We are convinced that this new industry standard will be adopted by other Internet Exchanges and interconnection providers.”
- Dr Thomas King, Chief Technology Officer, DE-CIX

“Our software and engineering teams have collaborated, working hard to create this modern RESTful API based on OpenAPI Specification v3 for managing IXPs customers and services.”
- Richard Petrie, Chief Technology Officer, LINX


Photo (from left to right): Henk Steenman (CTO AMS-IX), Thomas King (CTO DE-CIX), Richard Petrie, (CTO LINX).


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