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BGP Peering Course - July
Amsterdam, NL

23 July

Unique training experience

Level-up your BGP Peering skills with our in-depth knowledge program. Our next course is taking place at the AMS-IX office in Amsterdam on July 23, 2024.

What to expect

Enhance your interconnection knowledge

  • Learn about best practices and latest technical developments
  • Get valuable tips from experts with 30 years of experience

Learn new technical skills

  • Practical training to establish BGP session with other IXs & Networks
  • Learn the Best Current Operational Practices (BCOPs) about peering and routing security

Get daily operation insights from AMS-IX NOC

  • Basic and Advanced trainings
  • Tailored content, depending on your level of knowledge and experience.


For more information about our BGP Peering Trainings, click here.

AMS-IX Professional Services

We offer a wide range of tailored consultancy services that cater to your needs, to optimise your connectivity strategy.

AMS-IX has been in the interconnection business for 30 years. We have all the expertise you need to enhance your skills, knowledge, and help you manage your connections efficiently.

  • Awareness on connectivity
  • Onboarding to our platform
  • Training
  • Health Checks
  • Consultancy

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