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AMS-IX and Wingu sign contract to launch a new IX in Djibouti


Noha Cok

Noha Cok

Regional Director MENA

October 19, 2023

AMS-IX has signed a partnership agreement with datacentre specialist Wingu to launch a new Internet Exchange in Djibouti. The new exchange will be called AMS-IX Djibouti and will launch with the 20+ connected networks of Djix, Wingu’s existing IX in Djibouti, which will be consolidated in the new platform.

The new contract follows the initial memorandum of understanding which was announced during MORE-IP. Under terms of the partnership, AMS-IX will build, manage, and operate a new Internet Exchange in Wingu’s newly built data center and cable landing station in Djibouti. The new data center will be landing-station/">Wingu’s second datacenter in Djibouti.

AMS-IX will lead the commercial management of AMS-IX Djibouti and will focus on onboarding new customers and growing the new Internet Exchange. Wingu will serve as the commercial partner of AMS-IX and regional sales and marketing arm for AMS-IX Djibouti.

From left to right: Noha Cok-Khalifa (regional director MENA AMS-IX), Anthony Voscarides (CEO Wingu), Peter van Burgel (CEO AMS-IX), Demos Kyriacou (CCO and CEO deputy Wingu), Charles Karsten (Sales director AMS-IX)

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