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Leveraging the IRR for better peering
Online Workshop

9 July

Online Workshop

The optimal functioning of the Internet relies on the collective efforts of all networks to follow best practices for security and efficiency. A key area of focus is the use of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) for enhanced peering arrangements. To highlight the importance of this topic, a free online workshop is being offered for all users of AFRINIC, on Tuesday, July 9th, to raise awareness and provide practical support for better route server security.

Connecting to an Internet Exchange Point is essential for running an efficient network and delivering excellent service to your customers. Internet Exchange Points provide facilities called route servers, enabling networks to peer with numerous other participants easily. However, this requires specific configuration within the Internet Routing Registry.

Gain a deeper understanding of these challenges and learn how to implement effective measures to ensure the stability and security of the Internet as a whole.

In this online workshop, the workings of route servers for filtering behind the scenes will be explained, along with what it takes to peer with them effectively, including all necessary objects in the IRR databases and in RPKI. Participants should have an understanding of BGP and routing prior to joining the online workshop, which will be divided into two 90-minute sessions with a 30-minute break.

In the afternoon, some slots of 45 minutes are available for a 1:1 session where the workshop instructor and other AMS-IX colleagues are available to provide direct help to implement what was learned during the webinar. The slots are limited and require prior registration via email to

The online workshop is open to all networks, not just AMS-IX customers or partners, and only requires registration at

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for all users of AFRINIC.


This online workshop is free of charge.

Workshop Schedule (Central European Time, CET)

  • 10:30 - 12:00: Workshop Session part 1
  • 12:30 - 14:00: Workshop Session part 2
  • 14:30 - 17:00: Various 1:1 Sessions upon request

What will you learn?

  • What is a route server;
  • Filtering on route servers;
  • Route server configuration;
  • Introduction to the AfriNIC Database;
  • Inetnum, maintainer, route and as-set objects;
  • Aut-num objects and RPSL;
  • An example configuration for an ISP;
  • Verifying prefix propagation with the AMS-IX Looking Glass, RIPE Stat
    and RIPE Atlas.

Meet your trainers

  • Dave Thoonsen
    Network Engineer

    Dave Thoonsen

  • Massiliano Stucchi
    Advisor & Trainer

    Massiliano Stucchi

Register for this event

If you would like to join this webinar, please click on the LINK to register.

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