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EURO-IX Route Server Workshop




July 23, 2019

On July 17-18, AMS-IX hosted a workshop about the scalability of route servers (i.e computer routing applications designed to simplify the routing process and policy among customers of IX’s) from various aspects.

The event took place close to our Headquarters in Amsterdam. The participants were network engineers from other European IXPs (LINX, DE-CIX, Netnod, MSK-IX, ECIX, TOPIx) and non-European IXPs (JPNAP, IX.br), software developers from cooperating organizations with close collaboration to IXPs (NLnet Labs, CZ.NIC, Open BGPD) and internet managing organizations (RIPE, SIDN).A great initiative by our NOC Engineer, Stavros Konstantaras who led the discussion by envisioning the future setup of route servers, emphasising the points that we, as a community, need to work on. Stavros also referred to the follow up steps and set the ground for future presentations. The outcome was very well received, and we look forward to hosting similar workshops in the future.

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