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AMS-IX Talks: What can you expect?




May 12, 2020

Since we can’t meet face-to-face during MORE-IP this year, we are organising our first AMS-IX webinar on Thursday, the 27th of May. No drinks and handshakes, but a clean info packed update from some of our Management Team members. What can a tech enthusiast like you expect to hear from them during the webinar?

COVID-19 (Peter van Burgel)

Our CEO Peter van Burgel will be the moderator and the opening speaker of the event. He will mainly talk about AMS-IX during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since AMS-IX is part of the vital infrastructure, it was very important to keep our services up and running, even though we had to work with the constraints of the COVID-19 containment. How did AMS-IX handle this situation? What kind of traffic patterns do we see on our platform? And what can we expect when we slowly step out of the lockdown?

AMS-IX' vision: building a better internet together (Henk Steenman)

The Internet is definitely one of humanity’s greatest inventions, but it also has some very unsettling shortcomings that need to be addressed. In the years to come, AMS-IX commits itself to overcoming some of these imperfections. Henk Steenman, our CTO (who has been working for AMS-IX since the beginning), will share our vision on the future.

Technical developments (Tim Vriend)

COVID-19 did not stop the activities of the AMS-IX technical department. Tim Vriend (Manager Delivery and Operations) will give you an update on some major projects they have been working on. He will also reveal what is on the horizon of our roadmap.

We know you all have some questions for our speakers. So, after the presentations there will be a Q&A session. Peter, Henk or Tim will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are very excited about our line up and hope to see you all on the 27th!

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