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Virtual Peering Series – Central Asia #2
A virtual event

11 May

Sponsored by AMS-IX

The Virtual Peering Series – Central Asia will introduce the benefits of IXPs, bring together network operators, content providers, and DNS operators who are interested in improving the Internet in their countries and localities, and develop plans for establishing and/or operating an IXP. It will also discuss IXP best practices, including technical solutions as well as hosting, financing, and staff resourcing, with the aim of developing suitable approaches for local circumstances.

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Who was there

  • Stavros Konstantaras
    Network Engineer

    Stavros Konstantaras

  • Onno Bos
    Sales Director

    Onno Bos

  • Emrah Yorulmaz
    Regional Manager Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia

    Emrah Yorulmaz

(Re)Watch the panel

Why do we need IXPs and what challenges we faced when moving into Central Asia? Our very own Stavros join the panel discussion organised by the Internet Society, RIPE NCC and Euro-IX.

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