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23.51 Gb/s
53.43 Gb/s

Amsterdam, NL

27 - 28 May

Event organised by AMS-IX

This event will bring together more than 200 peering professionals – peering managers, engineers and wholesale business professionals from every internet related sector, including ISPs, CDNs, hosting companies, mobile providers and data centres. During two days they will have the opportunity to network, follow interesting talks and get the latest updates from the AMS-IX technical and commercial teams.

For more info and to register, visit the MORE-IP website.

Who will be there

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Peter van Burgel

  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

    Henk Steenman

  • Team Lead Engineering

    Tim Vriend

  • Business Development Manager at AMS-IX Caribbean

    Nico Scheper

  • Sales Director

    Onno Bos

  • Marketing, Communications and Events Manager

    Petra Wensing

  • Platform & Solution Architect

    Steven Bakker

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