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Middle East GCCM

16 - 17 November

About this event

Carrier Community (CC) looks forward to hosting its 7th annual global carrier community meeting (GCCM) in Dubai. This event brings together more than 400 Global Telecom Club members, expert decision-makers from 200+ top-tier operators and delegates from 50+ countries. Middle East 2021 GCCM welcomes Carrier Community sector-wide members representing: Voice, Data, SMS, Mobile, VAS, Cable, Satellite, Data Centres and other related sectors will enjoy full access to: all meeting facilities, executive panels, knowledge-sharing sessions, leisure activities, and evening networking receptions. ​​​​​​​

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Who will be there

  • Onno Bos
    Sales Director

    Onno Bos

  • Noha Cok
    Regional Manager for Europe, US and MENA

    Noha Cok

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