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Grow your digital ecosystem with IX-as-a-Service

An AMS-IX Story



An internet exchange (IX) is a technical platform where networks interconnect. This platform acts as a vital enabler for digital economies as it attracts key players such as internet service providers (ISPs), mobile operators, hosting, cloud and content providers. In return, these providers form a strong ecosystem where smart energy, smart mobility and smart city solutions can flourish. The presence of an IX not only allows internet end-users to profit from fast, stable, and cost-effective online experiences, but it also accelerates the economic growth and innovation of countries and surrounding regions.

Kickstarting the launch of an IX through our IX-as-a-Service (IXaaS) solution creates a solid digital foundation for growth and innovation. IXaaS is a tailor-made solution to build, maintain and grow an IX. The AMS-IX IXaaS solution offers:

  • Cutting-edge IX Platform with all the necessary switching infrastructure to set up a professional and scalable internet exchange (from one to multiple sites)
  • Software-defined provisioning and monitoring software allowing rapid provisioning of connections
  • Secure route server with filtering based on RRDB objects, as well as on predefined BGP communities, compliant with the latest routing security norms
  • Customer portal with self-service and S-Flow statistics
  • First and/or second line technical support by highly trained professionals available 24/7
  • Next generation firewalls provide enterprise grade security

Aleksandar Mitrov, Product Manager (AMS-IX):

“Starting an Internet Exchange requires specific technical and commercial skills. We have 25+ years of experience in the peering industry and are running six successful internet exchanges globally, including one of the largest internet exchanges of the world in Amsterdam. With IX-as-a-Service, we have packed-up all this operational, technical and commercial knowledge into a single service which we offer to organisations who want to strengthen their digital ecosystem by starting an Internet Exchange.

This has been recognized by many organisations. AMS-IX has recently partnered with Batelco, the leading provider of digital solutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to start a neutral internet exchange platform named Manama-IX (MN-IX) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.”

Adel Al-Daylami, Chief Global Business Officer (Batelco)

“The introduction of Manama-IX is in line with our commitment to support Bahrain’s vision for the Kingdom as a key digital hub in the region. Our goal is to develop Manama-IX into a leading internet hub in the MENA region and this can be achieved through our partnership with a global experienced partner like AMS-IX, who will accelerate the delivery of our objective by deploying a scalable, managed internet exchange operated by them.”

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