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AMS-IX joins EuroISPA


Alex de Joode

Alex de Joode

Regulatory, Risk, Compliance

October 21, 2021

AMS-IX has joined EuroISPA as a new Council member. EuroISPA is the representative body of Internet Services Providers (ISPs) across the European continent. The organisation functions as an ‘umbrella’ association representing ISP associations on policy and legislative issues and facilitates the exchange of best practices between members. The association is structured around different, topical Committees, which allow members to regularly exchange ideas and views on specific policy matters and dossiers.

Alexandra Laffitte, President of EuroISPA, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming AMS-IX as the newest member of EuroISPA. AMS-IX will play an important role in the association, contributing enthusiastically to our discussions on policy impacting the infrastructure of the Internet. As the digital sphere continues to change in shape and dynamics, we at EuroISPA believe that it is increasingly important to be able to represent the whole Internet value chain and work together to achieve common goals. We extend our wholehearted welcome to AMS-IX.”

Peter van Burgel, CEO of AMS-IX, stated:

“In the coming years, the European Union will have a major impact on the technical functioning of the Internet by means of new legislation and European stimulation programs. By joining EuroISPA, AMS-IX wants to actively participate in the discussions on the future of the Internet and give a voice to the values that have made the Internet such a huge success.”

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