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AMS-IX breaks through 6 Tbps barrier and peaks at 6.3 Tbps


Jie-Heda Chin

Jie-Heda Chin

PR specialist

February 20, 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 20 February 2019 – Internet traffic over the AMS-IX, the world’s leading internet exchange, broke through the 6 Terabits per second barrier and peaked at 6.3 Terabits per second yesterday 19 February 2019 around 21:30 (CET).

Throughout 2018, AMS-IX has seen a large growth. We have seen a 20% increase of connected capacity and an uptake of 35% of 100GE ports. Overall, this means that the port capacity between the different networks are getting bigger, allowing more traffic to be exchanged over our platform.” AMS-IX CEO Peter van Burgel comments: “This growth combined with our newly announced 2019 prices makes AMS-IX one of the most cost-effective technical platforms for networks to exchange internet traffic. It is great to see that these developments result into new traffic peaks.”

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