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AMS-IX announces new 2019 prices


Jie-Heda Chin

Jie-Heda Chin

PR specialist

December 10, 2018

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is proud to announce a significant price reduction. For 2019 the price reduction for internet peering ports will range from 20% for the 100GE and 10GE ports and for the 1GE port up to 37,5%. As of January 1st, 2019, our monthly port fee in Amsterdam will be (excluding SLA):

  • 1GE: from EUR 400 to EUR 250
  • 10GE: from EUR 900 to EUR 720
  • 100GE: from EUR 4,500 to EUR 3,600

Also, the monthly port fees for Inter-IPX ports in Amsterdam will be reduced:

  • 2 x 1GE I-IPX: from EUR 1,300 to EUR 1,150
  • 2 x 10GE I-IPX: from EUR 2,600 to EUR 2,420
  • 2 x 100GE I-IPX: from EUR 12,000 to EUR 11,100

Jesse Robbers, CCO of AMS-IX states: “AMS-IX wants to be the leader in the world of interconnection by offering the most valued ecosystem. We see that our market keeps on evolving, digital developments keep driving the demand for interconnection whilst our prices are subject to continuous/actual market developments. Through continuous growth, effective cost-control and targeted investments we can lower our prices for the third consecutive year. This in return allows us to offer our members and customers cost-effective access to the world’s leading Internet Exchange with over 800+ networks and a peak traffic of 5.6 Tbps.”

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