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How Novoserve reaches optimal value for money proposition by means of peering

An AMS-IX Story



Novoserve is a fast-growing Infrastructure as a service provider that has big international ambitions. Peering is at the core of their network strategy as it brings them control, low latency, and optimal value for money.

About Novoserve

Novoserve is one of the largest IaaS providers of the Netherlands. The company hosts a server park of about 8000 servers, hosted at over a dozen PoPs in the Netherlands, US and APAC. Next to an impressive server park, Novoserve also has one of the largest networks in the Netherlands with over 12 Tbit/s of network capacity. The combination of network and infrastructure scale gives them an edge to deliver on their mission of bringing the best network and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions to their customers.

Rens Ariens, CTO of Novoserve explains:

“We have economies of scale for both worlds. Our infrastructure scale enables us to buy hardware in a cost-effective manner. And the scale of our network enables us to peer directly with all the major access providers in Europe and beyond, like Vodafone, Liberty Global and China Telecom. As we have economies of scale for both network and infrastructure, we can offer a great value-for-money proposition.”


Novoserve is growing fast and has big ambitions. The company wants to grow internationally, focusing on enterprise scale ups. Coming years, they expect to grow their infrastructure assets in Germany, Asia and the United States, setting up new network PoPs and expanding their infrastructure. Moreover, Novoserve’s clients are growing fast. As a result, the company is constantly on the lookout to find ways to increase the capacity and efficiency of its platform and network. Peering plays a key role in the way they efficiently route traffic over the Internet.

Rens Ariens says:

“Peering has three advantages over IP-transit, namely quality, control and cost. In general, compared to transit, latency is lower when you exchange traffic via peering. Peering gives us also more control over network traffic and enables us to make changes and give clients assurances over their Internet quality. And last, peering makes your connectivity more cost-effective and comes with a better price per Mbit. I’d say a peering connection saves us half the cost for our connectivity.”


Novoserve has been peering at the AMS-IX platform for a long time as the Internet exchange provides a key function in their strategy.

“AMS-IX is the first platform to go to as it is the largest in the Dutch market with a very rich ecosystem of almost 900 connections. The Internet Exchange has a track record of nearly 30 years and is a trusted, reliable partner”, says Ariens. "Especially customers like gaming companies that require low latency benefit enormously from the high-quality traffic from peering. AMS-IX is developing too, and this is also of benefit for Novoserve. We’re happy to see that AMS-IX is investing in its platform, like the introduction of new switches that are capable of handling 400G ports. This will enable us, in turn, to exchange traffic in an even more cost-effective way which will benefit our customers and value proposition.”

“Our customers expect things to work flawlessly. The quality of your networks plays an important role in this. We truly win and keep customers with the high-quality service we deliver.”

About Novoserve

  • 8000+ Dedicated Servers Deployed
  • 12 Tbit/s Network capacity
  • 800+ Peering Partners
  • 50% connectivity cost reductions, choosing peering over transit

Success factors

  • Best value for money offering
  • High network performance
  • Low latency traffic
  • Optimised user experience

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