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AMS-IX Offers New POP at Equinix MB2 in Mumbai


Onno Bos

Onno Bos

Sales Director

June 4, 2024

AMS-IX today announces the establishment of a new Point of Presence (POP) at Equinix MB2 in Mumbai, India. Customers will be able to connect via SPEED: 1, 10 or 100 Gbps.

Mumbai, a key digital hub in India, serves as a central point for international and domestic data traffic. The new AMS-IX POP at Equinix MB2 expands the number of locations and colocations of AMS-IX Mumbai in the region. The announcement follows the recent partnership announcement with Extreme IX, further expanding the global reach of the AMS-IX Mumbai network, facilitating seamless interconnections between networks, enabling faster and more reliable access to digital content and services.

This expansion aligns with AMS-IX's commitment to enhancing global internet connectivity by providing high-quality interconnection services. The new POP in Mumbai highlights our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our members and the broader internet community.

Onno Bos, International Partnership Director at AMS-IX, states: "With this new Point of Presence in Mumbai, AMS-IX Mumbai offers customers in the region an additional location for accessing our Internet Exchange. Our new POP at Equinix MB2 marks a milestone in our mission to enhance global internet connectivity."

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