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2.76 Gb/s
26.88 Gb/s

Krakow, PL

20 - 24 May

About this event

A RIPE Meeting takes place over multiple days and brings together Internet service providers, network operators and other interested parties from around the world to:

  • Participate in the RIPE Working Group sessions to discuss current technical and policy issues
  • Share experiences, latest developments and best common practices
  • Develop their network of peers in the Internet community
  • Participate in discussions about the policies and procedures used by the RIPE NCC to allocate Internet number resources

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Who will be there

  • Stavros Konstantaras
    Network Engineer

    Stavros Konstantaras

  • Alex de Joode
    Regulatory, Risk, Compliance

    Alex de Joode

  • Garri Djavadyan
    NOC Engineer

    Garri Djavadyan

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