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Africa Com

East Africa Com
A Virtual Event

11 - 12 May

2020 was a truly unique, disruptive and exciting year for African technology and telecoms. Join the virtual East Africa Com to explore the biggest trends this year, with top industry experts and inspiring leaders. East Africa Com will look at challenges and opportunities across the region’s diverse tech ecosystems, with a focus on shaping the future of the enterprise. Find out how disruptive technology, investment, and the COVID-19 pandemic are driving a renewed urgency for accelerated innovation and digital transformation.

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Who will be there

  • Emrah Yorulmaz
    Regional Manager Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia

    Emrah Yorulmaz

  • Noha Cok
    Regional Manager for Europe, US and MENA

    Noha Cok

  • Wouter Ensing
    Manager Partners

    Wouter Ensing

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