Annual Report 2022

A Better Society through a Better Internet

2022 in Numbers

Connected networks

Peak traffic


Corresponds to:

464,000 4K video streams per second
6.2 Million TikTok videos per second
2.3 Million HD video streams per second
58 Million gamers simultaneously playing Minecraft

Total internet traffic volume


+9% Growth
2.45 ExaByte Monthly average

Total active 100G ports

1094 Ports

Customer demographics

Customer demographics

Total capacity


Words from

Word from
the CEO

AMS-IX CEO Peter van Burgel reflects on a dynamic year for the digital world

Word from
the CCO

AMS-IX CCO Mike Baron reflects on commercial accomplishments and aspirations

Word from
the CTO

AMS-IX CTO Ruben van den Brink highlights the technical progress

Word from
the CFO

AMS-IX CFO Iris Vonk breaks down the financial results for 2022

Word from
the Innovation Lead and Head of Product

Innovation Lead Jan van Boesschoten and Head of Product Aleksandar Mitrov on driving innovation at AMS-IX

Board statement

Scaling Up and Digital Transformation Start Paying Out

In an insecure world dominated by the ongoing war in Ukraine, AMS-IX began to see the benefits of its investments in scaling up, such as launching new national and international locations, and in digital transformation, including implementing a new organizational structure, processes, and systems that contribute to improved efficiency and customer experience.

Partner case study - IDNL

Addressing Challenges in the Digital World

DINL Managing Director Michiel Steltman elaborates about building bridges

Partner case study - Batelco

Building a Strong Digital Ecosystem in the Middle East

Hani Askar, Chief Global Business Officer at Batelco, discusses the value of an Internet Exchange for the Gulf region

International Presence